Shipping port :

Shipping destination is Singapore Port.


Indications :

  • You can only import cars that are less than three years of age;

  • The age of the used vehicle is calculated from the date of its first registration in a foreign country. If the first registration date of the vehicle cannot be ascertained, then the age of the vehicle is calculated from the date of manufacture;



  • There is a surcharge of S$10,000 for each imported used car registered in Singapore;

  • The used vehicle has to comply with the Euro II emission standard. As such, the used vehicle will have to be tested by LTA/ENV recognized overseas vehicle emission test laboratories to ensure compliance with the required standard at the time of import;

  • All safety glass fitted must have not less than 70% light transmittance and must not contain any metallic oxide coating;

  • All modifications made to the car must be properly certified, and be done only by the manufacturer or an agent authorized by the manufacturer;

  • The car must use unleaded petrol;

  • The car's air-conditioner must be CFC-free;

  • Your car to be a right hand drive type

  • Your car to be fitted with approved seat belts both front and rear

  • Your car not to have any asbestos in its brake or clutch lining

  • The car must pass a mechanical inspection by the LTA.


Things to prepare :

  • A copy of the EEC Certificate of Conformity is required from your vehicle manufacturer if your vehicle is made in one of the European countries.

  • The Completion Inspection Certificate from your vehicle manufacturer if your vehicle is made in Japan.

  • If it is neither made in the European countries or in Japan, your vehicle can be sent for testing checks at any recognized vehicle testing laboratory to obtain a Certificate of Compliance with Exhaust Emission Standards and the Test Report and a Safety Glass Certificate.

  • If your vehicle is new, you can provide documentary proof that your car is new or never been registered for use. For example, receipts, and invoices). If your car is a used one, the vehicle registration documentary proof would be necessary, and has to be certified by your local authorities.

  • If your vehicle were a foreign model never been imported to Singapore, you would need to provide technical specifications, brochures or booklets issued by your vehicle manufacturer.

  • A Declaration Form for asbestos free brake and clutch lining.

  • Organize with your shipping agent for an Inward Cargo Clearance Permit from a by having them to submit a joint application to the Trade Development Board (TDB) and the Customs and Excise Department (CED) using Tradenet.

  • Obtain an Open Market Value (OMV) of your vehicle from the Customs and Excise Department so they can levy the 41% customs duty based on the value.


Registering your Vehicle :

  • Send in items numbers (1) to (6) above to the New Registration Department of the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for verification. They will arrange a time and date to send your car for an inspection.

  • If there is no inspection, obtain a Temporary Certificate Of Entitlement from the Land Transport Authority and insurance for your vehicle.

  • Make a trip to the Singapore Network Services Service Centre (SNS) located at Bugis Junction to collect your Vehicle Registration Application Form upon submitting the vehicles particulars into a service centre.

  • You would need to return to the New Registration Section of the Land Transport Authority and submit the following documents :

  • Car Registration Application form

  • (Temporary) Certificate Of Entitlement

  • Original Passport, or, a Certified True Copy of the Company Registration Certificate if the vehicle is registered under the company’s name

  • The notification of PARF benefits / COE Rebate

  • An original copy of the insurance letter or Certificate of Insurance from the Insurance Company

  • Successful bidding for vehicle registration number (if any)

You would be required to make a payment to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for S$1,000 if you are registering a private car, or S$5,000, if you are registering a company car. On top of that, there will be an Additional Registration Fee (ARF) of 110% of the vehicles Open Market Value (OMV).

You will then have to collect the following documents from the New Registration Section :

  • Your Certificate of Entitlement (COE)

  • Your Registration Card / Log Card

  • Your Road Tax disc (Please take note of its expiry date)

  • Your Insurance letter or Certificate of Insurance