Dear Customers,




Onteco will help you make the buying process a simple and pleasant experience. Our goal is to provide you with the best choice at the price that you want.

Our team of professionals will guide you through all the procedure to find your perfect match.

Choosing us as your partner will save you money and you will receive excellent customer service and guidance until you find your desired vehicle.

In order to greatly simplify the purchasing process, we have come up with 7 easy steps for you to buy used cars from Japan through Onteco LTD.


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Registration of your new account will take no more than 2 minutes and is completely free. Enter your details and shipping destination, so we prepare your logistics plan. Let us know if you intend to purchase 1 car for yourself, or if you are a car dealer in your country and are looking for a supplier in Japan.    


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Login to your Onteco Account by using your access password that you receive on your email.

Your Onteco Account will offer you full access to our database of Car Auctions, Yahoo Parts, Shipping Schedule and other benefits. You can also check what vehicles and machinery is being traded on all Japanese Car Auctions and also view Sales Statistics.

After logging in, you can further proceed to Step 3 for purchasing.


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In order to start purchasing cars, you need to enable a PURCHASE ACCOUNT by making a REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT to your Onteco ACCOUNT.

The deposit amount is 1000 USD.

It can be used to:

Once the initial deposit is received and linked to your account, you can safely start making your orders for cars and parts from Onteco.


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You can start placing bids on any car that is being sold in Japan, once you become familiar with the Japanese Used Car market.

You will have the selection to choose from about 40,000 active auction lots being traded at any given time. If you want to learn about market prices and car specifications, you can consult our Sales Statistics at any time. To place a bid, just simply find the auction lot which interests you and enter the maximum bid (the maximum price for which you are willing to buy the given car for). Please note that the bidding price is only the price for which we will buy the car from the auction. Additional costs will include various fees and taxes, shipping charges and others. Please contact us before placing a bid to have a full estimate of the final car costs in your country. You can also order cars directly from our Stocklist.


STEP 5.png


As soon as we receive your bid(s), we will try to buy the car from the auction at the lowest price possible ( up to your maximum bid).

A successful maximum bid means that we managed to purchase the car for you and will inform you immediately after the auction ends. The following day after the successful purchase, we will send an invoice detailing all relevant costs for buying the car from the auction and delivering it to our yard. The full invoice amount must be transferred to Onteco within 3 working days after the auction date. This is a Strict requirement of all auction houses in Japan. We cannot receive your car until we forward your money to the auction house for the full amount of the car cost. Failure to make full payment within 3 working days will incur steep penalties from the auction house, which we must apply to your PURCHASE ACCOUNT and deduct the charges from your deposit.    


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The car that you have bought can be shipped as it is or follow After-Selling Service.

Our company can ship cars as they are. In this case the procedure is straight-forward: cars are delivered by trailer from the auction site to the port of export (usually Yokohama Port, but any other port in Japan is also accessible if required).

In case you require additional services, our company can provide repairs, parts exchange and fitting, as well as full car dismantling to spare parts.

Please contact us for more information other services for your car.    


STEP 7.png


The cars that you bought will be shipped accordingly.

As soon as the cars are ready to ship to your country, we must finalize all relevant documentation and procedures for export.

Our Logistics Department will coordinate with you personally the entire process and will broker the best rates and fastest routes to your destination.




In case if you require a more detailed explanation of the whole procedures, please do contact us at any time. Our team can arrange a free simulation by Skype to show you a real live example of the process.







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