Shipping Port :

Karachi is the port for used cars from Japan are imported.


Age Restriction :

The cars should not be more than 3 years old from the date of first registration.


Left Hand Drive Cars :

The used cars from Japan imported to Pakistan should be Left Hand Drive.


Import Regulations :

The new import policy announced in 2006 allows the import of three year old used cars instead of two years old for the Overseas Pakistanis. Procedure for importing a used car is now very simple in Pakistan.

The rules and regulations governing import of vehicles have been amended as follows :


Import Duty :

Import duties on new cars with a capacity of up to 1,300cc are 50 per cent; cars up to 1,800cc are charged 65 per cent and cars of more than 1800cc pay 75 per cent.The reduction in duty for used cars means effectively that a two-year-old used car with a capacity of up to 1,300cc will be charged duty of just 2 per cent.

While the bulk of new cars sold in Pakistan are 1,300cc or below, the government is encouraging the import of larger luxury cars. Import duties on the largest cars, have been reduced from 100 to 75 per cent.