Shipping Ports :

The most recommended port of shipping is port of Hong Kong.


Right-hand drive vehicles :

Importation of only right hand drive vehicles is allowed in Hong Kong. The registration and licensing of left hand vehicle is not allowed in Hong Kong unless there are special conditions.



Age Restriction :

The used car imported in Hong Kong must be less than 7 years old. Importation of cars over 20 years is allowed as classic cars and they need not meet Euro V emission standard.


Documents required for customs clearance :


All motor vehicles registering in Hong Kong for the first time should meet the requirements of the Air Pollution Control Regulations and Noise Control Regulation.


Application for Emission Approval :

The used vehicle importers should complete the "Application for Vehicle Exhaust and Noise Emissions Compliance" form and the "Noise Emission Certificate General Approval" (NECGA).


The original documents to be attached with the form :

Note- The applicant should submit all these to the Environmental Protection Department for approval.

No exemption is granted on diesel and commercial vehicles from emission requirements. However, used petrol cars imported in Hong Kong for personal use are exempted, if they meet the following criteria-

The used vehicle must be owned by the importer for more than 6 months in a region outside Hong Kong where he has normally resided prior to the application. Vehicle registered in the name of a company will not be exempted even though the company is wholly owned by the applicant.


Applicant must submit the following supporting documents :


The importer should obtain approval/exemption from the Environmental Protection Department before shipping their vehicles into Hong Kong, as it is necessary for the vehicle to show emissions compliance before it can be registered in Hong Kong.

Once the vehicle arrives in Hong Kong, it should be scheduled for the vehicle examination at the Vehicle Examination Centre. The importer has to bring the approval letter issued by the Environmental Protection Department to ensures that the car has complied with the vehicle exhaust emission and noise emission standards.


Vehicle Registration and Licensing :

When applying for registration for the first time, the importer should submit a complete application form to the Hong Kong Licensing Office of Transport Department.


The first registration tax rate is given below :

Type of Motor Vehicle - Rate of Tax

1.    Private Cars

(a.)    On the first $150,000 - 40%

(b.)    On the next $150,000 - 45%

(c.)    On the next $200,000 - 100%

(d.)    On the remainder - 115%

2.    Motorcycles and motor tricycles - 35%

3.    (a.) Good vehicles, other than Light Good Vehicles - 15%

(b.) Van type LGV, not exceeding 1.9 tons permitted gross vehicle weight

(i)    On the first $150,000 - 35%

(ii)    On the next $150,000 - 65%

(iii)    On the remainder - 85%

(c.) Van type LGV exceeding 1.9 tons permitted gross vehicle weight - 17%

4.    Taxis, Light buses, Buses and Special Purpose Vehicles - 3.7%