Shipping Ports :

Port of Tema and port of Takoradi are the major ports in Ghana to import used cars from Japan.


Left Hand Drive Vehicles :

Only left hand drive vehicles are allowed to be imported in Ghana, except some special vehicles.



Age Restrictions :

Used cars over 10 years old require a graduated duty and penalty (according to year of manufacture).

The age of a motor vehicle imported under the law is calculated with effect from the year in which the motor vehicle was first manufactured. The age of a vehicle is a crucial determinant in valuation for duty purposes. In arriving at the age of vehicles, Customs uses the model year reckoning index which normally gives a round year age point e.g. 1990 or 2000 or the dealer chart matrix.


Documents Required :

The dealer/importer shall furnish the Commissioner of CEPS with the following information and documents :


Duties and taxes :

All vehicles imported into the country are required to pay the following duties and taxes:


Import Duties on the used cars are calculated based on the following :