Shipping Ports :

Ports for shipment of vehicle in Bangladesh are port in Chittagong and Dhaka.



Right-Hand Drive vehicles :

Vehicle imported in Bangladesh should be a right hand drive vehicle.

Importation of used cars, jeeps, microbus, minibus including other old vehicles and tractors are allowed under the following conditions:



Documents required for port clearance :


Import Tax Rate on used vehicles imported in Bangladesh:


Nationals returning to Bangladesh who have been living abroad for ten years or more will be regarded as "returning nationals", and are eligible for duty free importation of one vehicle, provided that the vehicle has been owned for at least two years. Consideration will be given to the special circumstances of the returning individuals and their probable contribution towards the nation building.

Returning nationals are also exempted from Bangladesh Sales Tax (ABST) charges on a vehicle which has been owned by them for at least a year prior to its importation and is used for personal purposes.

Note: Excise taxes are also levied on vehicles. Duty free importation of one used vehicle in Bangladesh is allowed only for Diplomats and Privileged Persons. All other Bangladesh nationals and foreigners have to pay duties to import a used vehicle.